Tools and technologies

We master a wide range of tools and technologies. The list below is representative, but not exhaustive. 

Verification tools

   • IBM Rational Visual Test
   • LDRA Test Suite
   • BullseyeCoverage
   • Freescale CodeTest
   • Telelogic Logiscope

Configuration management tools
   • Serena Dimensions PVCS
   • Visible Systems Razor
   • Subversion
   • IBM Rational DOORS, Change, Synergy
   • Perforce

Real-time operating systems
   • Wind River VxWorks-653
   • Green Hills Integrity-178
   • LynuxWorks LynxOS-178
   • DDC-I Deos
   • Mentor Graphics VRTX

Simulation tools, emulators and debuggers
   • Mentor Graphics XRAY Debugger and emulator
   • Green Hills MULTI
   • Telelogic ObjectGEODE
   • Mathworks MATLAB, Simulink 
   • Lauterbach TRACE32

Hardware platforms

    • x86                                                                                                                                                
    • PowerPC
    • Atmel AVR
    • Texas Instruments TMS320



DC BARS: avionics solutions


Avionics expertise since 1994.
AS9100D certified.

Our Products

CertiCover: Structural coverage tool

CertiFIT: Formal inspection tool