How we work

Contract initiation

    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • RFP/SOW process adjusted to your preferences

Program and project management

    • A group of similar projects constitute a program directed by a Program manager
    • Program manager allocates resources to ensure high quality on time and within budget
    • Project managers lead the project team and provide weekly reports on project status


    • Processes, technologies, and tools - yours, ours, or a combination
    • Detailed instructions on how to perform engineering tasks
    • Tools development and qualification as needed
    • 100% verification of project artifacts before delivery

Quality Management

    • Head of QM department reports to the CEO directly
    • Enterprise- and project-level plans and standards
    • Scheduled internal audits trigger prompt corrective/preventie actions
    • Quality objectives are based on quantitative measurements and customer feedback


    • Secure VPN channels with you and between our sites
    • Information flows from different customers are isolated
    • Working hours adjusted to your time zone
    • On-site engineers at your facility sort out any issues in a timely manner


DC BARS: avionics solutions


Avionics expertise since 1994.
AS9100D certified.

Our Products

CertiCover: Structural coverage tool

CertiFIT: Formal inspection tool