Two engineering offices in the European part of Russia (Tambov and Taganrog) and the US Office in Delray Beach, Florida, are managed by the DC BARS Headquarters and central engineering office located in Moscow. We have been finding and recruiting the best people for the job. If they are good engineers – they are never too far. Our regional engineering offices are seamlessly integrated into our network from both communication technologies and distributed team management perspective.

At present there are more than 100 people permanently employed, 55% of them working for DC BARS more then 10 years.


From the very foundation of the company, our people have been regarded as the key asset, not just seen as "the resource". That allowed us to build a comfortable work environment combining commitment with friendly atmosphere. We have been persistently growing our own and hiring highly qualified people whille enjoying a very low turnover (below 6% annually on average) due to offering both professional challenge and personal attitude to our employees.

Russia is a gold mine of superb engineering resources thanks to its long tradition of rigorous scientific and technological education. This pool of highly qualified manpower gives us the edge in today’s competitive embedded software industry. Our engineers, project and program managers have strong technical background: 7% of them earned their PhD and 80% hold MS or equivalent degrees.
The majority of engineers and managers in our Moscow office has graduated from renowned technical schools: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow State University, Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, and others.


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Avionics expertise since 1994.
AS9100D certified.

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CertiCover: Structural coverage tool

CertiFIT: Formal inspection tool